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Committed to
Responsible Investment

We believe our support is of the greatest value when it is tailored closely to the needs of your business and often is not limited to finance. Whether you are at seed stage or later level of investment, we are looking to support teams who will welcome our active collaboration.

Investment thesis

Regardless of your development stage, we look for companies that can clearly explain:

- problems to be solved

- barriers to be overcome

- required resources

- achievable plan

Early-stage investments

About us

We are a London-based boutique investment company with a global reach in terms of investment and corporate networks. 

We look for entrepreneurs and businesses who are building an exciting technology that has the potential to scale in large proven markets. We help the companies we invest in through equity investment, access to a network of industry experts, brokering corporate linkages and syndicating with other investors.

Boutique investment company

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