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Boutique investment company


We believe in the power of hardware innovation - often in combination with software - to revolutionize various sectors, providing long-term solutions that offer real bottom-line benefits.


We believe in FinTech startups solving the stagnant bottlenecks of the financial industry. Today, there are more than 180 $1B+ FinTechs globally, growing 8x compared to 2016. 


We believe in Blockchain startups trying to create real-life use cases of the technology and implement it for solving a practical problem.

Future of Work

We believe that the way we work is a continuous process of improvement and incremental changes that a lot of startups are trying to achieve.


We believe there is a great sometimes overlooked potential that a lot of startups are trying to capture and deliver disrupting solutions. 

Any other industry

We have invested in startups from other industries as well as we try to operate on case-by-case basis and when we see a great fit to our investment strategy, we proceed regardless of the sector. 

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