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Boutique investment company

Later stage

We look to draw on our networks to facilitate corporate relationships, and act as the bridge between disruptive technology start-ups and established corporations. We help strategic investors to find startups, and help startups to find strategic investors, providing advice to both parties.
We facilitate Co-investment opportunities. 

About us

We identify promising, innovative start-ups and provide them with the investment and support they need to grow. We like people who are honest about their weaknesses as well as their strengths, so if there’s an area in which you feel our assistance could be most valuable – tell us!

For pre-seed and seed

At this stage, we expect that the business model will still be a work in progress, and will be in need of testing and development. We provide support and strategy advice, using our network of experts to help you to work out how to get to market, who your customers are and what they need.

Our Team

Oleg Evdokimenko



Dr. Oleg Evdokimenko is a well-recognized industrialist and angel investor. His business activities range from metallurgy to finance. As an investor and business angel, Oleg is developing a number of projects in the field of innovative technologies. He has DPhil in Physics from Moscow State University, for which he researched Solid-State Physics. He has been a research associate at Academy of Sciences since 1984.

Alexey Krenke


Managing Director

Alexey has many years of experience in finance and investment structuring. He worked as CFO and Business Development Director at two major real estate development companies in Moscow. Alexey has conducted a number of large investment transactions with private and institutional investors and major international banks in Germany and Czech Republic. 

Oksana Hilinskaya


Investment Director

Oksana has worked in the finance and banking industry since 1995, and in Asset Management since 2005.

She was a Project Manager in the biggest private Russian Bank, worked for Troika Dialog Asset Management in Real Estate Funds Department and was responsible for development of a new close-ended fund. She is involved in management of venture projects in innovative technologies and projects in Real Estate. 

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